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Eric Bourman offers a ballet technique class that goes directly to the physics of dance technique. His organization, demonstration, and progression of class allows dancers to experience how the body is organized to move. From first stretch to final jumps, students dance with increasing amplitude, rhythmic clarity, and expressive purpose. His beginning adult technique class offers a solid platform for any dancer, including the professional, who wants to reinforce the core concepts of solid ballet training.
Eric teaches with an engaging simplicity and a relaxed enthusiasm. He knows that complicated skills are built upon a mastery of the basics, and he guides students in a practice that is wholehearted as well as disciplined. I highly recommend his classes.

Diane Frank
Lecturer, Dance Division
Stanford University


From the Teacher


I have confidence in everyone who walks into the studio. I recognize their desire to dance and their individual potential. My reason to teach is to impart to my students my knowledge and confidence in them, until they make it their own.


Eric Bourman Teaching